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Building Online Homes Together

Located in the vibrant city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, MIRAcle Interior Studio is renowned for its sophisticated interior solutions that transform houses into breathtaking homes. Collaborating closely with a trusted partner company – Andreev Build, they seamlessly bridge the gap between design concepts and bring these visions to reality. To showcase their exceptional work, we had the privilege of creating a portfolio website that exudes elegance and minimalism.

With a focus on captivating design visuals, our team carefully curated a sleek and minimalistic website that serves as a digital gallery for MIRAcle Interior Studio’s remarkable projects. Using a color palette of black, white, and a touch of gold, we crafted a visually stunning platform that complements their extraordinary designs, enabling their work to take center stage.

Adhering to their slogan, “We build homes together,” we took pride in extending this concept to the digital realm. Through our collaborative efforts, we built an online home for MIRAcle Interior Studio, capturing their passion and dedication to creating spaces that evoke emotions and enhance the lives of their clients.

With a blend of functionality and artistic expression, the portfolio website we developed for MIRAcle Interior Studio not only showcases their beautiful portfolio but also captures the essence of their brand. Together, we’ve constructed an online presence that echoes their commitment to crafting remarkable interiors and turning dreams into reality.

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