Figma to WordPress: Pixel-Perfect Custom Web Design

What we did

Continuously Growing Together

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, Infinite Lambda stands tall as a global cloud and data consultancy, and we are honored to be their chosen partner in their digital journey. Our collaboration began with the task of seamlessly migrating their website from Wix to WordPress, ensuring a smooth transition and aiming for enhanced functionality. By harnessing our expertise in WordPress development, we successfully executed the migration, enabling Infinite Lambda to leverage the full potential of the WordPress platform for their online presence.

As Infinite Lambda continued to thrive and evolve, they went for a holistic brand uplift and needed to ensure that their website design was in line with their brand identity. Hence, in 2022, our client made the bold decision to undergo a complete website redesign, and we were entrusted with the exciting task of bringing their vision to life. Working closely with their in-house team, we meticulously implemented their Figma design into a fully functional and visually captivating WordPress website. The result is a blend of striking aesthetics and user-friendly navigation that contributes to the brand’s online presence and leaves a lasting impression on their global audience.

Our partnership with Infinite Lambda extends beyond the initial website migration and redesign. We take pride in providing ongoing support to ensure their digital success. Our dedicated team is committed to maintaining their WordPress website, handling regular updates, security measures, and performance optimizations. Additionally, we offer prompt technical support, ensuring any issues are swiftly addressed to prevent disruptions. With our comprehensive support services, Infinite Lambda can focus on what they do best – making cutting-edge cloud and data technology accessible to people and businesses for innovation that impacts humanity.

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